3047 Bulb Guide

This is going to be a quick review of the 3047 reverse lights and daytime running lights these were in Maya 2008 Silverado I got about eBay I think the pair was like 10 bucks total


it’s got one cree LED in there and then a ton of lungs that i took off and then it’s got I think 10 or 12 LEDs on the side they get pretty bright I mean for 10 bucks for the pair can’t really complain however I did just upgrade to pilot 3157 I don’t have a cree in the middle it’s about half the size is this I think it’s got twice the LEDs and it’s got three LEDs in the front and it is way brighter than these these come nowhere near close to how bright the the pilot ones are these ones also have a blue tint to them while the pilots are pure white it looks like I’m driving with HIDs in my daytime running lights because I opted out of the amber color I like the pure white and that looks really nice on but I mean like I said 10 bucks for these you know if you need a quick quick LED upgrade these are nice I think the the pilot ones were 14 for the pair so I’ll do it I’ll do a video of those next maybe I’ll go outside for you guys to show you how bright they actually can get but just be careful when you shop for LEDs on the internet is you really do get what you pay for these were 10 bucks these are fairly cheap I mean the only reason I took the lens out of both of them is because follow this one I’m sure they just glued in there but yeah I recommend the pilot brand they’re pretty they’re pretty good I think they have a warranty also and they’re constructed way better than this so you can pick these up if you want them at at eBay like like I said 10 bucks for the pair you do get a Cree they are Creole Edie’s so if you need a simple LED upgrade a lot of these are a pretty decent pair of light bulbs I’d given probably a 5 or 6 out of 10 however just because there have been advancements in the little lighting in vehicles now so you can definitely get better quality for just a little more so once again eBay eBay Motors some of these


3047 Bulb Cross Reference

3157*, T25 3155, 3457A, 3457NA, 4057,4157, 3157A, 3057A, 3157, 3157NA, 5702A, 4157NA, 3057, 3454NA, 4157, 3047, 3357A, 3757A, 3457, 4114, 3357, 4114LL, 3457K, 3157LL, 4157K, 3057LL, 4157NAK, 3357LL, 4057LL, 3157K, 3357K, 3057K, 3057ALL, 3457AK, 3357ALL, 4114K, 3157X, 3057KLCP, 3757AK, 3047LL, 3057KX, 3157ST, 3057X, 4057K, 3457NAK, 3155LL, 3457ALL, 4157LL, 3157NAK, 3157AK, 3157NALL, 3047K, 3757ALL, 3157KX, 3057ST, 5702AK
*3157 CAN REPLACE 3156, BUT 3156 CANNOT REPLACE 3157


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