7444 Bulb Guide

Today we’re going to look at changing out your incandescent brake light bulbs with LED replacements from Sylvania the regular brake light bulb is a 1 1 5 7. It’s the same part number as you can see here except are for the red style 4 red lenses you don’t want to use white LEDs for red lenses you have to use….


red LEDs it works out better they’re a direct replacement they actually run at a total of 2 watts versus the total of 35 watts on the incandescent so that’s quite a bit you know of energy savings there and it’s the response time is much quicker for other people you know driving behind you when your brakes they’ll respond quicker and mainly the total amp draw with both brake lights the left and the right being done with LEDs you have point 2 9 amps versus the 5.5 1 amps that you get with incandescent so that’s really going to save on your generator or your alternator depending on your year and especially your brake light switches that amp drop 0.2 9 amps is barely anything versus the 5.5 one all you’re going to need is a Philips screwdriver to remove it I have them all loosened up right now just for times sake now if your lens here isn’t chrome due to age you know it may be a little silver you know what’s left of it you can actually this one has here this here has been spray-painted with the chrome spray paint it actually works out very well I did a coat of black gloss first and then some chrome but these are in good condition so we’re going to leave them like that it’s literally just plug-and-play you take out your old dual filament one here get your new LED there keyed with the little lugs at the bottom so they only go in one way but notice there’s LEDs here and here that face the reflector so it’s and hit the reflector then come out so we’re going to see how these perform you have two LEDs for just illumination at night and then when hit your brakes you have a larger LED it does have a passive heat sink in it but we’re going to do some just simply install here real quick and that’s its installed and replace your lens we’re going to do some slow motion video during the day to show you the difference between LED and regular incandescent breaks and then we’ll do also some slow-motion video at night to show the difference go ahead and reinstall your lens here and the left tail light on this car the driver side will be the one with the LED brake light and illumination light and the right side will still be incandescent so you’ll watch for the difference there you can actually get these bulbs at your local Walmart for around twenty dollars for the pair they do have a lifetime warranty which is pretty good we’re going to go ahead and turn on and check running lights remember the left one over here is LED and the right one on the passenger side where is it there it is is going to be your incandescent so we’ll do a quick regular video and then we’ll do slow-motion during the day and slow motion during the night okay here’s gonna be our slow-motion test you you.


7444 Bulb Cross Reference

7444NA, 7443, 7443ST, 7443LL
*7443 CAN REPLACE 7440, BUT 7440 CANNOT REPLACE 7443


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