About us

Our mission is to help you find high-quality information about car lights.

Over time we would like to have detailed reviews for all models, but it is impossible to do this in one shot. Therefore, to the best of our abilities and free time, we fill the site with information about popular cars, or the vehicles we personally tested.

If you would like to know my opinion about a particular car, just drop us a line [email protected]


The mission of this project is to focus on everything that happens in the automotive headlights world. The core team of our blog is formed by automotive enthusiasts who write articles without financial pressure from advertisers. We are free to describe our own unbiased impression on particular headlight kits and other related items.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to personally get acquainted with the car. To do this, we use a huge amount of reviews on a variety of resources. This gives an excellent idea of the model. And yet, we prefer to conduct personal acquaintance with the vehicle and light bulbs when possible.

If you have certain suggestions about the structure or direction of the blog, or perhaps you would like to know about a specific light bulb, feel free to ask your questions and make suggestions via the Contacts page or directly in the comments.