Audi S8 Headlight Bulb Size


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Headlight Bulb High Beam

(D5) Fourth generation

Fourth Generation (D5, Present)

The latest generation of the Audi S8, known as the D5, typically features advanced LED or Matrix LED headlight technology. These systems do not use traditional bulb sizes but rather integrated LED units that are part of the headlamp assembly. The LED technology provides excellent illumination, energy efficiency, and a distinct, modern appearance.

(D4) Third generation

Third generation (D4, Typ 4H; 2011–2017)

Third Generation (D4, Typ 4H; 2011–2017)

In the third-generation Audi S8 (D4), the vehicle is equipped with either HID or LED headlights depending on the trim and options. The HID headlights usually use D3S bulbs, known for their bright, white light and long-range illumination. LED headlights in this generation, similar to the D5, involve integrated units rather than replaceable bulbs.

(D3) Second generation

Second Generation (D3)

The second-generation Audi S8 (D3) typically utilizes HID bulbs for its headlights. The common bulb size for the low beam is a D2S HID bulb, offering intense and focused illumination. The high beams in this generation may also use HID bulbs or traditional halogen bulbs, depending on the specific configuration of the vehicle.

It’s crucial to note that the specific bulb size and type can vary based on the vehicle’s configuration and optional packages. Therefore, owners should refer to their vehicle’s documentation or consult with a certified Audi technician to determine the exact headlight specifications for their particular model. Additionally, for models with integrated LED units, any repairs or replacements usually require professional handling, as these systems are more complex than traditional bulb replacements.

Bulb Replacement

Okay replacing ah da 8 d3 this is a 2009 headlights so I replaced the HID beam and the power steering pump just to give you a play I just pulled me just lifted the coolant reservoir just slid this tube between here lifted that and then you can actually just use these clips there’s a clip here and then there’s the clip about 4 inches over or 3 inches over just under that

(D2) First generation

The first generation of the Audi S8, designated as the D2, produced from the late 1990s to the early 2000s, features a specific set of headlight bulb sizes that align with the vehicle’s luxury and performance standards of its time.

In this generation, the Audi S8 commonly uses halogen headlight bulbs. The low beam headlight bulbs are typically of the H7 type, known for their clear, bright light and wide beam pattern, which significantly enhances visibility during night driving or in adverse weather conditions.

For the high beam headlights, the D2 Audi S8 generally uses H1 bulbs. These bulbs provide a focused and intense light beam, crucial for driving in areas with limited external lighting or during challenging weather conditions.

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