Brightest Headlights: LED, HID, & Halogen

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In 1st place, are the OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited’s. If you live in Europe, you’re probably more familiar with the OSRAM brand, but they can be found in the US online very easily. Osram is the same company as Sylvania, however they are in fact different products. Sylvania is very well known and used in the US. The Night Breaker Unlimited’s were tested at 2240 peak lumens, which is going to be 29% brighter over stock bulbs, and only 2% brighter over the Silverstar’s, so it was a very close win indeed. Osram’s claim is “up-to” 110% more brightness compared to standard bulbs, and although it’s not quite that high in our testing, they did prove themselves to be the #1 rated upgrade if you are looking for the best of the best. Average cost for these on Amazon is only $25, proving to be truly the best halogen upgrade out there. As you can see, the higher cost doesn’t always reflect a better headlight bulb.

Because the Silverstar Ultra’s and the Nightbreaker Unlimited’s were so close in our testing, I would personally recommend either set.


Coming in 2nd place are the Sylvania Silverstar Ultra’s. Yes, these are not #1 surprisingly, as they are the most popular upgrade bulbs in the US. Rated at 2210 peak lumens, they’re 27% brighter than your original bulbs, giving you a significant upgrade over OEM, and are 10% brighter than the GE Nighhawk Platinum’s. The Silverstar Ultra’s are their flagship headlight product, and certainly don’t disappoint with an average cost on Amazon of about $30. Sylvania doesn’t make any bold percentage claims, but does advertise more “downward”, more clarity, and “ultra night vision” so you can now apparently see when little Bambi decides to pop out at the worst time possible.

The new 3rd place winner are the Philips Racing Vision‘s.
We tested these at 2030 peak lumens (or lux). They’re going to be about 17% brighter than your original stock bulbs. The average price for these on Amazon is around $35, vs about $15 for your basic/original replacement bulbs. These beat out their bigger brother the Nighthawk Xenon’s in their very fancy packaging, which runs over $50 on average, and 20 lumens dimmer than the Platinum’s. GE claims “up-to” 90% more light on the road. Pretty far off from our tests, but don’t be fooled by only 17% as there will be more overall light on the road with these.

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