Mazda RX-7 Bulb Size

First generation (SA22C/FB) For the first generation Mazda RX-7, known as the SA22C/FB, which debuted in the late 1970s and extended into the mid-1980s, the bulb sizes are specific to … Read more

Mazda CX-3 Bulb Size

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Mazda 6 Bulb Size

First generation (GG1; 2002–2008) For the first generation Mazda 6 (GG1; 2002–2008), the lighting system is designed with specific bulb sizes for optimal performance. The low beam headlight typically uses … Read more

Mazda 3 Bulb Size

First generation (BK; 2003–2008) Second generation (BL; 2008–2013) Third generation (BM, BN; 2013–2018) Bulb replacement If you notice the halogen bulb in your headlight has gone out you can replace … Read more

Mazda 6 Headlight Bulb Size

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Mazda 3 Headlight Bulb Size

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