Chevrolet Cobalt Headlight Assembly Guide

Using worn-out headlights can compromise the safety of both the driver and oncoming traffic. It’s best to always replace aging headlights with a newer set as soon as you run into visibility problems such as a shortened cut-off line, lower coverage, or overall brightness. 

Replacing your headlight assembly does not have to be expensive or time-consuming and can be DIY-ed in almost all cases. 

Because every car has its own variation of the replacement process, this article will go in-depth about the steps involved in the replacement of Chevrolet Cobalt headlights. 

Does Chevrolet Cobalt have projector or reflector headlights?

Most Chevrolet cobalt models come with projector headlights which make them more widely compatible. Compared to reflector headlights, these can easily house an LED bulb which makes upgrading the level of visibility easier. 

Replacing the traditional halogen bulb on your headlights with an LED bulb can help you achieve a longer cut-off line, better beam pattern, and a nicer white/blue hue for enhanced visibility. 

You will also be saving energy and future costs as the new LED bulbs will consume less power and also last longer. 

How long does it take to replace the headlight assembly?

Replacing a headlight assembly is fairly straightforward and can be done without professional help. With the right tools— a thin, flathead plier, a screwdriver, and some wrenches, both headlight bulbs can be replaced within 20-30 minutes, depending on the way your headlights are mounted. 

Headlight assembly replacement cost

The replacement cost for a headlight kit can vary with multiple factors, including the car build model, types of headlights, and the cost of the new kit itself. Using a premium brand name kit will cost you more, and the style, hue, beam pattern you are looking for can also bring the price higher. 

Generally, a good quality headlight kit with no bulky add-ons will cost you around $75-$200, excluding any labor costs.

How to replace the headlight assembly on ​​Chevrolet Cobalt

Pull out the headlight assembly by prying out the fastener securing it in place. This can be done with an automotive panel removal tool. 

You should pull it out at an upward angle facing the car’s radiator. It’s best to use another person’s assistance as they can pull out the front fascia panel while you loosen these fasteners and pull out the old kit.

The socket you see connected to the blue power connector will be the combination low/high beam bulb. 

Remove this power connector by loosening the retaining clips securing it in place. Once the clips are removed, you can safely pull out the power connector to reach the bulb retainer.

Removing the headlight bulb

The bulb is secured with a black collar nut that you will immediately see once the power connector is removed. 

You need to rotate this collar nut 1/4 turn counterclockwise. You can now access the old bulb’s base, which needs to be rotated ¼ turn counterclockwise in order to be unplugged from the headlight assembly. 

Inserting the new bulb

Make sure the new bulb is handled with care and never held from the glass end as any dirt on it can affect its projection. 

You will need a dual filament Philips 9007 LL low/high beam bulb for the headlight assembly. Rotating it in a 1/4 turn clockwise direction will effectively secure the bulb in place.

Re-installing the power connector

The new plastic retainer can be secured over the installed bulb by rotating it 1/4 turn clockwise. After this, push the power connector back to the position it was initially rested at.

Final Verdict

Most Chevrolet Cobalt models feature a simple and straightforward headlight assembly replacement process. With the projector headlights, you won’t have to worry about the compatibility of most kits as they can perfectly house both, Xenon and LED bulbs. 

By following the steps in this guide, you will replace the headlight assembly quickly and without damage to other components. 

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