Dodge RAM 2500 Headlight Bulb Size


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2011 Dodge Ram-2500 ChartBuy Bulb on Amazon
Headlight Bulb High Beam and Low Beam
Fog Light Bulb Front
9145 LED
Headlight Bulb High Beam
Headlight Bulb Low Beam
Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb
Brake Light Bulb
Brake Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front
License Plate Light Bulb
Tail Light Bulb
Tail Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Back Up Reverse Light Bulb
Side Marker Light Bulb Front
Parking Light Bulb(with 4 headlights)
Parking Light Bulb(with 2 headlights)
Roof Marker Light Bulb
Back Up Light Bulb
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Map Light Bulb
Ash Tray Light Bulb

The Dodge Ram 2500 is a full-size pickup truck that was first introduced in 1994. It is currently in its third generation of production, and it remains one of the most popular trucks on the market. The Ram 2500 is available in a variety of different trim levels and configurations, so there is sure to be one that meets your needs. Whether you need a workhorse to tow your boat or a comfortable daily driver, the Ram 2500 is a great option.

Headlight Bulbs By Year

2009 2010

Headlight Bulb High Beam - 9005

Fahren 9005/HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs, 60W 12000 Lumens Super Bright LED Headlights Conversion Kit 6500K Cool White IP68 Waterproof, Pack of 2

Looking for a brighter, longer-lasting headlight bulb? Fahren's 9005 LED headlight bulbs are the perfect upgrade for your car. These bulbs provide 3 times the light of a standard halogen bulb. The whole aviation aluminum body and unique hollow-carved heat sink design keep your bulbs cool even under extended use, while the 12,000RPM turbo cool fan ensures a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Key Features:

  • Top Automotive-Grade LED chip inside

  • Power - 60 W.

  • Light Output - 12,000 Lm

  • Color Temperature - 6500K

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Nilight 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs, 350% Brighter

Why we picked it: 

  • 【350% Brighter Than Halogens】 Equipped with high luminous efficacy CSP chips and 6000K cool white, E1 9005 LED headlight bulbs output 350% more brightness, providing further and wider visibility for you to see the deer, wild animals, falling rocks or other obstacles in advance to ensure safer driving at night

  • 【Ideal Beam Pattern】 Nilight HB3 LED headlight bulb enhances super focused beam pattern for optimal light shape to improve light concentration and clear visibility.

  • 【10 Mins Easy Installation】 All-in-one compact design, the built-in driver for taking up less space in housing, 1:1 mini size as original halogen bulbs for greater compatibility, real plug and play, quickly install in 10 mins.

  • 【50,000 Hours Lifespan】 65% energy saving, brighter light output with much less power consumption.

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    AUXITO Upgraded 9005 HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs 6000K White, 100W 20000 Lumens 600% Brighter

    • 【300% Brighter Than Halogen】- Top Automotive-Grade LED chips with 60W, 12,000LM per pair, 6500K cool white. Super focused beam pattern design provides a wider and farther lighting range which is 3 times brighter than your original halogen bulb.

    • 【Over 5,0000 Hours Lifespan】 - Whole aviation aluminum body, unique hollow-carved heat sink design, and 1,2000RPM turbo cool fan provide super cooling ability, which ensures a longer lifespan up to 5,0000 hours.

    • 【10 Minutes Easy Installation】- Almost 1:1 mini design same as halogen, perfectly fit into your housing and factory sockets without any modification, just plug and play.

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    How To Maintain Your Headlights?

    Firstly, make sure they are always clean. If they are not, then the light will not be able to shine as brightly as it should. You can use a simple cleaning solution of water and vinegar to clean them. Just make sure to dry them thoroughly afterward.

    Secondly, check the alignment of your headlights regularly. This is important because if they are not aligned properly, then they will not give you the full range of light that you need when driving at night. You can usually adjust the alignment yourself, but it is best to take it to a professional if you are unsure.

    Thirdly, make sure to change the bulbs in your headlights regularly. Over time, they will start to dim and will not give off as much light. You can usually find replacement bulbs at your local auto parts store.

    By following these simple tips, you can help to keep your headlights in good condition and ensure that you have the best possible visibility when driving at night.

    How Often Should You Change Headlight Bulbs?

    Most carmakers recommend that you change your headlight bulbs every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, some automakers have different recommendations, so it’s best to check your owner’s manual for the specified interval. Some newer cars have LED headlights that should last much longer than traditional bulbs. But even LEDs can dim over time, so it’s still a good idea to check them periodically and replace them if necessary. If you live in an area with lots of snow and ice, you may need to change your headlight bulbs more often to keep them from getting covered with grime and becoming dull.

    Regular maintenance of headlight bulbs is crucial for ensuring optimal visibility and safety while driving. Many car manufacturers suggest replacing headlight bulbs approximately every 12 months or after 12,000 miles of driving, whichever comes first.

    This recommendation can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle, so it is important to consult the owner’s manual for specific guidance tailored to your car. This manual will provide the recommended interval for changing the bulbs based on the vehicle’s design and the type of bulbs it uses.

    In the case of cars equipped with LED headlights, the need for replacement is generally less frequent compared to traditional halogen bulbs. LED headlights are known for their long-lasting performance, often outliving the lifespan of the vehicle itself.

    However, it’s important to note that even LEDs can experience a decrease in brightness over time. Regular checks are advisable to ensure they are functioning at their best. If you notice any dimming or inconsistent lighting, it may be time to consider replacement.

    How To Choose Perfect Headlight Replacement?

    When you are in the market for a new set of headlights, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Headlight replacement is not something that should be taken lightly, as it can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect headlight replacement for your car.

    1. Decide what type of headlight replacement you need. There are two main types of headlight replacements- sealed beam and HID. Sealed beam headlights are the traditional style of the headlight, and they use a filament to produce light. HID headlights use a gas discharge to produce light, and they are much brighter than sealed beam headlights.

    2. Consider your budget. Headlight replacement can be a very expensive process, so you need to make sure you have the funds available to pay for it. If you are on a tight budget, you may want to consider sealed beam headlights, as they are typically less expensive than HID headlights.

    3. Choose the right headlight bulb size. Headlights come in a variety of sizes, so you need to make sure you choose the right size for your car. You can usually find your headlight bulb size in your car’s owner’s manual.

    4. Consider the installation process. Installing headlights can be a difficult and time-consuming process, so you need to make sure you are prepared for it. If you are not comfortable with the installation process, you may want to consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

    5. Choose the right brand. There are a variety of brands available, so you need to make sure you choose a reputable one. You can usually find information about brands online or in your car’s owner’s manual.

    6. Consider the warranty. Headlights usually come with a warranty, so you need to make sure you are covered in case something goes wrong. Most warranties will cover the cost of replacement parts and labor, but you may want to check with your specific manufacturer to be sure.

    7. Get multiple quotes. Headlight replacement can be a very expensive process, so you need to make sure you get multiple quotes. You can usually get quotes from a variety of different companies online or on your local yellow pages.

    8. Compare the quotes. Once you have received multiple quotes, you need to compare them. Make sure you compare the price, the quality of the parts, and the warranty.

    How To Make Your Headlights Brighter?

    If you want to make your headlights brighter, there are a few things you can do. First, make sure that you’ve chosen the right headlight bulb size for your vehicle. Second, clean your headlights regularly to keep them from getting dull. Third, use a headlight restoration kit to restore the brightness of your headlight lenses. Finally, consider upgrading your headlight bulbs to a higher wattage. Doing these things will help you get the most out of your headlights.

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