Ford Fusion Headlight Bulb Size


Ford Fusion Headlight Bulb Size Chart

If you need to install LED lighting bulbs in place of your incandescent/stock halogen lamps, the Ford Fusion bulb size guide is a great tool to have by your side. Use it only for reference purposes. Confirm from your owner’s manual that you have the correct bulb sizes.

For Ford Fusion owners contemplating an upgrade from traditional incandescent or stock halogen lamps to LED lighting, the Ford Fusion bulb size guide is an invaluable resource. This guide meticulously details the specific sizes and types of LED bulbs compatible with various lighting functions in the vehicle, such as headlights, taillights, and interior lights.

Using this guide as a reference can significantly streamline the process of selecting the right LED bulbs for your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance. LED bulbs are favored for their longer lifespan, improved brightness, and higher energy efficiency compared to traditional bulbs, making them a popular choice for drivers looking to enhance their vehicle’s lighting system.

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Back Up Light Bulb

The Ford Fusion is a mid-sized car. It was first introduced to the public in 2006. Throughout its life, there have been seven generations of the model released.

The current generation (the eighth) was introduced in 2015 and features four different powertrains: two gas engines, two hybrid engine options, and one plug-in electric vehicle option.

The Fusion Energi is the only plug-in hybrid of its class. It can get up to 22 mpg in the city and up to 100 mpge on average, based on EPA estimates.

This generation of Fusions offers a more upscale interior with comfort features such as temperature settings for both front and rear passengers available in the standard SYNC 3 infotainment system, which is an upgrade from previous versions capable of hosting smartphone apps.

Other optional luxury options include heated rear seats, cooled front seats, leather seating surfaces, an upgraded 12-speaker Sony audio system with HD radio capability. The exterior has received some updates since the model debuted including redesigned bumpers and headlights.

The Ford Fusion has been recognized by several awards over its lifetime. It has been recognized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as a Top Safety Pick.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has awarded the Fusion with five stars on every test category except rollover, which receives four stars.

The IIHS also named it Good in most subcategories but Marginal in front overlap. Over its lifetime it has won over three dozen awards from various organizations and publications.

One of the features that made the Ford Fusion so successful was its interior lighting system which included high intensity LEDs to provide lighting for the center mounted LCD screen, door handle lights, courtesy lights.

Nowadays, an LED headlight bulb will have all other cars on the road looking green with envy at their blueish hue while they are struggling with their yellow halogen counterparts.

This short article will demonstrate how to replace the xenon/halogen headlights with aftermarket LED headlights for your Ford Fusion.

Replacing your Ford Fusion’s parking light, headlight, or turning signal can be time-consuming.

Especially if you need to find the right replacement size. Replacement options for your headlamp bulb include: Xenon Headlamp kit, High-Intensity Discharge Headlight Kit, and LED Headlights.

Those for your interior lighting bulbs include SMD bulbs and LED bulbs.

However, the process has been made easy for you. This is possible due to cataloged Ford Fusion OEM light bulb size guides, light bulb replacement guides, and headlight bulb replacement guides.

We provide details on how to change broken lightbulbs, replace headlight bulbs, as well as light bulbs. Installation processes for LED light bulbs and HID headlight conversion kits are also included.

Feel free to check them out. However, use the guides for informational purposes only and at your own risk. There are usually no warranties provided. Always confirm that your bulb size, voltage, and wattage are all correct.

Aftermarket Assembly

Select Year

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Aftermarket Light Bulbs: Upgrade Options

High-quality lights are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions as they enhance safe driving. Individualize your Ford Fusion with some flashy custom tail lights, an additional stylish brake light, or some extra bright headlights.

HIDs are a good option for your Fusion’s projector housing. They come with different color temperatures and degrees of brightness. The physical metal cutoff within the Fusion projectors allows them to sit pretty well. The only problem is that you might be required to drill your headlight rubber cover and install ballasts to the engine bay for wiring purposes.


The procedure below shows how to change a burnt headlight bulb from the driver’s side. The process is the same from the passenger’s side.

  • Pry-Up Center of Fastener
  • Pry-Up Other Fasteners
  • Remove With Pliers
  • Open the hood and move to the side with the burnt headlight bulb.
  • Find the pop rivet fasteners securing the plastic radiator cover trim panel to the front of the engine bay and the front bumper fascia.
  • Use a screwdriver to lift the center of each pop rivet. Pry out the base of the fastener.
  • Remove all eight pop rivets located at the front edge of the radiator cover. Alternatively, you could remove just four pop rivets.
  • Pull Off Radiator Cover
  • 9 Pop Rivets Removed
  • Pry-Up Bumper Cover Fastener
  • Remove the radiator cover and set it aside.
  • Pry out the pop rivet fastener on the bumper cover fascia.
  • Pull Out With Pliers
  • 10 Fasteners Removed
  • Remove T30 Bolt
  • Remove the base of the fastener using a flathead screwdriver or needle nose pliers.
  • Use a Torx T-30 star bit screwdriver to turn the bolt above the headlight assembly anticlockwise and remove it.
  • Outer Bolt Removed
  • Remove T25 Bolt
  • T30 & T25 Bolts Removed
  • Use a Torx-T25 screwdriver to turn the bolt on the left of the headlight’s housing anticlockwise and remove it.
  • Turn Steering Wheel
  • Wheel Well Liner
  • Loosen Counter-clockwise
  • Turn the steering wheel in the direction opposite to the burnt out headlight bulb for more working space in the wheel well.
  • Loosen the thumbscrews located at the front of the wheel well liner.
  • Thumb Screw Fastener
  • Remove 2nd Fastener
  • Remove 3rd Fastener
  • Remove the fasteners and set them aside.
  • 13 Fasteners & 2 Bolts
  • Under Corner of Bumper
  • Loosen Thumb Screws

• Move to the black plastic fasteners located under the bumper cover.
• Remove the thumb screws. Then pull out the fasteners.

Remove 2nd Thumb Screw.

Loosen 7mm Screw

Turn Counterclockwise
• Loosen and remove the front edge screw using a ¼ drive ratcheting wrench and a 7mm socket.

15 Fasteners, 1 Screw, 2 Bolts

Pull Back Wheel Well Liner

Release Liner From Bumper
• Pull the wheel well out to set it apart from the bumper cover.

Torx T-25 Bumper Screws

Loosen Counterclockwise

3rd Bumper Cover Upper Screw
• Remove the three screws located at the fascia bumper cover using a torx T-25.

All Screws & Fasteners

Separate Side Bumper

Gently Pull Forward
• Pull away the fascia bumper cover edge gently from the front quarter panel.
• Pull the front bumper cover away to separate it from the headlight assembly.

Bumper Cover Loosened

Pull-Forward A Few Inches

Pull Off Headlight Housing
• Loosen the friction fastener clips at the front bumper cover.
• Remove the headlight housing firmly to free it from the peg or spike acting as a friction fastener.

Metal Peg Disengaged

Electrical Connector

Slide Off Power Plug
• Turn the headlight housing over to access the electric connector.
• Release the tab by pressing in then slide the electrical connector out.

Turn Over Assembly

High Beam – Low Beam

Rubber Dust Cover
• Locate the Low Beam Headlight Bulb at the middle of the assembly.

Pull Off Dust Cap

1/4 Turn Counter-clockwise

Pull Out Old Bulb
• Remove the rubber dust cover.
• Turn the base of the old low beam bulb anticlockwise and remove it.

Press Release Tab

Old Bulb Disconnected

Empty Bulb Socket
• Release the electric connector and remove the plug from the base of the low beam bulb.

Push On Power Plug

Insert New H11 Bulb

1/4 Turn Clockwise – Lock
• Avoid touching the glassy area of the new halogen bulb with bare hands or a dirty object. Wipe it clean using a paper towel dampened with rubbing alcohol.
• Install the power plug onto the base of the new low beam bulb.
• Insert the #H11 low beam bulb and secure it in place.

Push On Round Rubber Cover

High Beam Inner Corner

Pull Off Rubber Cover
• Put the rubber dust cap over the new low beam bulb.
• Remove the round rubber dust cap from the back of the housing.

High Beam Light Bulb

Pull Off Power Plug

Release Arm From Hook
• Remove the electric connector from the bottom of the old high beam bulb.
• Push the metal retaining arm in from its end to release it.

Swing Open Retaining Arm

Pull Out Old High Beam

Old Philips H7 Bulb
• Open the retaining arm to remove the old high beam bulb.

Empty Bulb Housing

Insert New # H7 Bulb

Secure Retaining Arm
• Don’t touch the glass part of the high beam halogen bulb with anything greasy or bare hands. Wipe off any dirt using a paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol.
• Install the #H7 high beam bulb and ensure the retaining arm is hooked.

Push On Power Plug

Replace Rubber Cover

Turn Signal Bulb Socket
• Install the power plug onto the new H7 high beam bulb base.
• Put the rubber dust cap over the new bulb.
• Move over to the turn signal located at the outer edge.

1/4 Turn Counterclockwise

Remove Bulb Socket

Pull Out Retaining Clips
• Turn the signal bulb socket anticlockwise and remove it.

Loosen Clips

Pull Out Old Turn Signal Bulb

Philips PWY24W
• Remove the retaining clips then remove the bulb.
• Install the new turn signal into the socket.

Re-Insert Bulb Socket

1/4 Turn Clockwise

Metal Peg / Spike
• Re-install the bulb socket and secure it in place.

Push On Power Plug

Test New Headlight Bulbs

Push On Headlight Assembly
• Push the power plug into its socket from behind the housing.
• Test the new light bulbs before re-attaching the bumper cover. Activate the hazard signal, turn on the headlights and flash the high beams.
• Aline the metal peg with its socket at the backside and firmly push the headlight casing into place.

Tighten T30 Outer Screw

Tighten Inner T25 Screw

Headlight Assembly Flush
• Re-insert the large metal screw to the housing’s outer edge and tighten it using the Torx T30 star bit screwdriver.
• Use the Torx T-25 screwdriver to replace and tighten the smaller screw near the inner corner of the housing.
• Make sure everything sits flush.

Line Up With Quarter Panel

Re-Attach Fascia Cover

Upper Bumper Cover Screws
• Align the bumper cover to the outer edge and re-attach it.
• Tighten the three screws using Torx T25 screwdriver.

Replace 7mm Screw

Re-Insert Fasteners

Tighten Thumb Screws
• Tighten the 7mm screw under the bumper cover.
• Re-insert the black plastic fasteners under the bumper cover.
• Tighten the thumb screws.

Two Fasteners Replaced

Wheel Well Liner Fasteners

Re-Insert Thumb Screw
• Replace the three black plastic fasteners on the wheel well liner.
• Secure the thumb screws till they sit snug.

Tighten Thumb Screws

3 Wheel Well Liner Fasteners

Line Up Radiator Trim Cover

• Lower the radiator cover trim panel into place.

Re-Insert Pop Rivet

Push In the Center Piece

Fastener Secured
• Re-insert and push the pop rivet close to the inner corner to fasten the bumper cover.

Re-Insert Other Pop Rivets

Push Down Center Part

Radiator Cover Fasteners
• Do the same for the radiator cover.

Last Pop Rivet

Radiator Cover Replaced

Testing Headlight Bulbs
• Re-check to confirm that all the metal screws, metal bolts, and pop rivet fasteners are replaced.
• Carry out another test to ensure that everything works.

If you are planning to buy new wheels you should verify the Ford Fusion wheel size of your car. To find out what sizes are compatible with your Ford Fusion, all you need to do is look at the specifications of your automobile.

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