Headlight Assembly Replacement Procedure for Nissan Altima


There could be numerous reasons why your headlight might be dim, weak, or it stops working altogether, but among the most common ones is that it might have burnt out. When we talk about Nissan Altima, it is a mid-sized vehicle known to be one of the best-selling cars in the USA. It was introduced in 1992, and over the years, it has gone through several design and technology refreshes.

Like the majority of modern vehicles, the headlight assembly of Nissan Altima is designed to last for a long time. In order to have a Nissan Altima headlight assembly upgrade, you can easily find the top-quality headlight assembly specifically designed for all the models without going through any significant modifications.

The Nissan Altima, a staple in the realm of modern vehicles, is engineered with durability in mind, particularly in its headlight assembly. However, when the time comes for an upgrade, owners of the Nissan Altima are in luck.

Our guide is dedicated to simplifying the process of upgrading the headlight assembly, tailored specifically to cater to all models of the Altima. This ensures that whether you own an older version or the latest model, you can find a high-quality headlight assembly that fits perfectly without the need for extensive modifications.

Does Nissan Altima come with projector or reflector headlights?

As far as the reflector headlights are concerned, these are considered the old style of headlights found in the Nissan Altima models before 2000. These days, the Nissan Altima comes with projector headlights and is usually a bulb that is mounted inside a projector bowl that is chrome-plated.

The lights get reflected towards the magnified projector lens through the bowl, and this happens to send a focused beam of light on the road. You can go for the headlight kit replacement if the projector bowl happens to wear down because it may not be receiving as much light as required to project.

How to replace the headlight assembly of Nissan Altima 2006?

  • In order to replace the headlight assembly of your Nissan Altima 2006, you can start by removing the six fascia as well as the grill clips.
  • Then the front clips need to be removed, and you also have to take out both the front wheels.
  • In the next step, you need to remove the inner fender and pull the fender skirt out of the way. 
  • You need to lift off the bumper fascia, replace the damaged headlight assembly, and reinstall the new one in reverse order.
  • You can then check the headlight assembly adjustment by first loosening the screw and then tightening it up.

What is the cost of replacing the headlight assembly of Nissan Altima?

It is worth noting that it can surely take some time for the material that lies inside the projector bowl to fade away, but when it is gone, then you might have to strap a couple of jars of the fireflies to the bumper until you are able to replace the entire headlight assembly. The majority of Nissan Altima owners report that it can cost them around $890 to $1,000 to replace both the headlight assemblies and get the ones that are best in the market.

Final Verdict

When you change the faulty components of your Nissan Altima on a regular basis, especially the headlight assembly, you will be able to prevent any dangerous accidents because of the low visibility at night. During the Nissan Altima headlight assembly upgrade, you will notice that the high value behind the headlights is among the main reasons why many car manufacturers create impressive headlight designs.

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