Nissan NX Bulb Size


Production 1990–1996

The Nissan NX, produced from 1990 to 1996, was a compact and sporty vehicle that became popular for its unique style and efficient performance. During its production years, the NX utilized various bulb types for its lighting system.

The headlights typically employed halogen bulbs, which were standard for vehicles of that era, offering sufficient brightness and durability. These halogen bulbs were available in common sizes, ensuring easy availability and replacement.

Similarly, the tail lights, turn signals, and interior lighting predominantly used incandescent bulbs, reflecting the technology available at the time. The specific bulb sizes were chosen to complement the NX’s compact design, ensuring proper fit and optimal lighting performance.

Bulb replacement

When it comes to bulb replacement in the Nissan NX, the process is generally straightforward, allowing owners to undertake the task themselves if they choose.

Replacing the headlight bulbs involves accessing the headlight assembly, usually by opening the hood and removing any protective covers or fasteners. It’s important to handle halogen bulbs carefully to prevent premature failure.

For tail lights and interior bulbs, access is typically gained through the trunk or by removing panels inside the vehicle. Using the correct bulb size is crucial for proper fitment and functionality.

Regular bulb checks and timely replacements are essential maintenance tasks, ensuring that the Nissan NX maintains its performance and safety standards throughout its years of service.

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