PIAA Xtreme White Plus Reviews

Brand: PIAA

Model: Xtreme White Plus

The Xtreme White Series of halogen bulbs have a cool white light output that gives the driver better color recognition on depth perception and better contrast than stock halogen lamps.

The blue top coat on this series of bulbs adds a slight blue tint to a lamp with no loss of performance.

H4 (9003)152241521460/55w=110/100w
H10 (9145)152101511045w=60w

9004 (HB1)196141901465/45w=120/95w
9005 (HB3)196151901560w=120w
9006 (HB4)196161901651w=115w
9007 (HB5)196171901765/45w=120/95w



I’m Ryan from extremeterrain.com, and this is my review and installation of the PIAA Xtreme White headlight bulbs, fitting all 2007 and up JKs. Today, we’re going to talk through the installation of these headlight bulbs, which is a very simple one out of three-wrench installation. Headlights are a ware item, so Jeep makes it very easy to swap these out and you’re going to be able to get them installed in your Jeep in about 45 minutes. But we’ll talk more about the install in just a second. We’re also going to talk through the construction, a few of the features, and the light output you should expect from these lights. JKs have notoriously poor headlights from the factory and if you’ve driven yours around at night for any period of time, that’s not going to be a surprise to you. Well, when you’re looking to upgrade your JK headlights, there are a lot of different options. You can keep your factory reflector housings and just swap out the light source, the actual light bulb, you can swap the housings out to get a different light pattern, or you can completely change the entire headlight to go with a projector LED-style light. Which is going to give you the best performance, the best beam pattern, and the best light output, but is also going to be the most expensive. What we have here is a different light that is designed to go in your factory housing, so you’re going to end up with that same factory beam pattern. But you’re going to end up with a little bit of a brighter white color. These have a proprietary gas mixture inside of them, which allows them to perform even better than the listed wattage on the box, giving you the most light output you can get from a bulb. Now, you can go up for another $20, $25, and get an LED bulb that’s designed to go in that factory housing, that’s going to last a lot longer and have a different color to it. But if you want to stick with something that is an incandescent-style bulb with the filament and not go to LED, I think these are going to be a pretty good choice. These bulbs are an H13 bulb, which is the same style as your factory bulbs, which means they’re going to go directly into those factory housings, and plug directly into your factory wiring harness. So there’s no wiring, no cutting, no splicing necessary to get these installed. It’s going to be a very, very simple swap. These are a 4000K color temperature, which is a little bit warmer than some of the LEDs that you’ll see out there. So it’s going to be a little bit more on that yellow side than the blue that you’ll get from a lot of LED lights. But this is still going to be a very bright white light that’s going to give you some really great performance. This is a 65/55-watt bulb, which means you’re going to get 65 watts of light output on the high beam side and 55 on the low beam side. But because of the proprietary gas mixture that’s inside of these bulbs, PIAA is actually saying you’ll get closer to an 85-watt output on the high beam side and a 75-watt output on the low beam side. The install for these bulbs is going to be a fairly simple one out of three wrenches, although it is pretty tight in the engine bay. So this does require a little bit of disassembly and you’re probably going to be right around 45 minutes, by the time you take everything apart and put it back together. The first step in the install is going to be removing your grille, by removing the six plastic clips that are across the top. You can do that with a trim removal tool or with a screwdriver. After that, you just give the grille a pull and it’ll come off. Put it in a safe space so it’s not going to get scratched. After that, there are a couple of torque screws that you’ll have to remove from the headlight housing retention rings. Once those are removed and the rings are removed, the whole headlight housing will come out. Finally, you can unplug it from the wiring harness, give the bulb a quarter turn, remove it, and replace your new bulb. Then, you do that whole process in reverse to get everything put back together, starting with the headlight retention ring, the grille, and then the grille retaining clips. This whole process, again, will take you probably around 45 minutes. It’s still something anybody can do in their driveway. It’s just a little bit more involved than your average headlight install. These bulbs are going to come in at right around $80. As I said before, for another $20, $25, you can step up to an LED bulb that’s going to last a very long time. But if you want to stick with an incandescent-style bulb like these ones, I think $80 is a pretty decent price. If that is a little bit above your price range, you can still get a PIAA bulb that doesn’t have the same proprietary gas mixture, that isn’t going to give you that little bit of additional boost in power. But you can save about $10 to $15. So if you have a burnt out headlight bulb or you’re just looking to upgrade your existing headlights to ones that are going to perform better, but you’re not ready for an LED bulb or to change out the entire housing, I think this is going to be a really nice option that will be less expensive than some of those other choices. But still give you a lot more performance than what you’re used to from the factory. So that’s my review of the PIAA Xtreme White headlight bulbs fitting all 2007 and up JKs that you can find right here.


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