Subaru Forester Headlight Bulb Size


Subaru Forester Headlight Bulb Size Chart

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Headlight Bulb High Beam and Low Beam
Headlight Bulb High Beam
Headlight Bulb Low Beam
Fog Light Bulb Front(with eyesight package (steering responsive fog))
Fog Light Bulb Front(with eyesight package (steering responsive fog))
Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb
Brake Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front
License Plate Light Bulb
License Plate Light Bulb
Tail Light Bulb
Tail Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Back Up Reverse Light Bulb
Parking Light Bulb(with LED headlights)
Side Marker Light Bulb Front
Side Marker Light Bulb Front
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear
Parking Light Bulb(with halogen headlights)
Parking Light Bulb(with halogen headlights)
Daytime Running Light Bulb(with LED headlights)
Daytime Running Light Bulb(with halogen headlights)
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Dome Light Bulb
Map Light Bulb
Interior Door Light Bulb
Interior Door Light Bulb

Headlight Bulbs By Year

1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

Headlight Bulb High Beam - 9003

AUXITO H4/9003 HB2 LED Low/High Beam Bulbs

Why do we choose this one?

The most stylish, fashionable and popular light bulbs are here.

  • AUXITO H4/9003 LED headlight bulbs have better visibility, same beam design as halogen bulbs, and adopt led chips to ensure perfect beam patterns dark spots or foggy light. 300% brighter than halogen headlights. H4 led headlight is built as almost the same size as a halogen bulb, the non-polarity socket simply plugs and plays like OEM bulbs and fits into the factory housing perfectly without any modification.
    Made of aluminum alloy shell and utilizing IP65 waterproof technology, the built-in powerful fan cools down the heat efficiently and ensures more than 30,000hrs service times.

Product Specs

  • Light Source Type - LED

  • Color Temperature - 6500 Kelvin

  • Brightness - 12000 Lumen

  • Wattage - 26 watts

  • Color - Xenon White

  • Lifespan - 30,000 hours

  • Error-less operating on 99% vehicles

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Hikari H4/9003 LED Bulbs High Lumens Dual Beam

Why do we like these bulbs? ( And why would YOU love them?)

HIKARI Thunder LED Headlight Bulbs are the brightest and most efficient headlight bulbs on the market. HIKARI Thunder LED is one of the most efficient LED chips on the market, with +330% brightness when compared to standard headlight bulbs. These bulbs produce over 12,000 lumens of pure high-quality light! HIKARI LEDs also have an advanced error-free cooling system to prevent overheating and constant current technology for burning with no filament degradation.

Product Specs

  • Light Source Type -12,000LM Thunder LED

  • Wattage - 30 watts

  • Fit Type - Universal

  • Voltage - 12 Volts (DC)

  • Crystal-Sharp Beam Pattern

  • Lifespan - Near 50,000 Hours

  • CANBUS Built-in/Error Free

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SEALIGHT X2 H4/9003 LED Hi/Lo Beam Bulbs, Super Bright Cool White with 20000RPM Turbo Fan

Reasons To Trust There Bulbs

SEALIGHT X2 H4/9003 LED Hi/Lo Beam Bulbs is a cutting-edge, high-performance and innovative lighting technology. The light tracing system precisely mimics the position of the original halogen filament whose driver side is lower, therefore it avoids wasting lumens and glaring others. With an effective heat dissipation system including an intelligent temperature control chip and 20,000RPM silent turbofan, these bulbs work well in all kinds of conditions. Compared to yellow light, white light is much brighter to see clearly.

Product Specs

  • Brand - SEALIGHT

  • Light Source Type - 7035 CSP LED

  • Wattage - 150 Watts

  • Fit Type - Universal Fit

  • Color Temperature - 6500 Kelvin

  • Cooling - 20000RPM Turbo Fan

  • Lifespan - 10 Years

  • Light Output - 20,000 Lumens (10,000 per bulb)

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The High Intensity Discharge light bulb is one of the best replacement options for your Subaru Forester. This is because HID bulbs deteriorate with time but offer a variety of color temperatures that give more output.

The “HB” series light bulb gives the best combination of affordability and quality. It’s made by CNLight and is ECE and DOT approved. Thanks to American salts and German quartz, it’s also reliable, long-lasting and produces excellent color.

The “HB” series light bulb, manufactured by CNLight, stands out as a remarkable blend of affordability and quality in the automotive lighting market. This series has gained recognition and approval from both ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) and DOT (Department of Transportation), indicating its compliance with international safety and performance standards.

A key feature of the HB series bulbs is their construction, which involves the use of American salts and German quartz. This unique combination not only contributes to the bulb’s reliability and longevity but also enhances its ability to produce excellent color.

The quality of light emitted is both clear and consistent, ensuring good visibility in various driving conditions. This makes the HB series an ideal choice for drivers looking for a cost-effective yet high-quality lighting solution for their vehicles.

The white bulb light color provides the best visibility on the road. It comes in different color temperatures which include:
8000K – is of the highest temperature and emanates an ice blue color amidst the primary white color.
6000K – one of the most popular ice white colors. It can be found in most LEDs.
5000K – a pure white color without any warmth nor tint of blue.
4300K – a slightly warm natural white color that’s produced by most factory HIDs.
3000K – a pure yellow output that’s of the lowest temperature. It’s perfect for fog lights.

  • Subaru Forester 4th Gen SJ – 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
  • Subaru Forester 3rd Gen SH – 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  • Subaru Forester Second generation (SG, 2002–2007)
  • Subaru Forester First generation (SF, 1997–2002)

The Subaru light bulb size guide is a written resource produced to save novice Subaru enthusiasts as well as Subaru mobile electronics installers some time when they need to find the right replacement bulb size.

Headlight Bulbs By Year

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

Headlight Bulb High Beam - 9005

Fahren 9005/HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs, 60W 12000 Lumens Super Bright LED Headlights Conversion Kit 6500K Cool White IP68 Waterproof, Pack of 2

Looking for a brighter, longer-lasting headlight bulb? Fahren's 9005 LED headlight bulbs are the perfect upgrade for your car. These bulbs provide 3 times the light of a standard halogen bulb. The whole aviation aluminum body and unique hollow-carved heat sink design keep your bulbs cool even under extended use, while the 12,000RPM turbo cool fan ensures a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Key Features:

  • Top Automotive-Grade LED chip inside

  • Power - 60 W.

  • Light Output - 12,000 Lm

  • Color Temperature - 6500K

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Nilight 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs, 350% Brighter

Why we picked it: 

  • 【350% Brighter Than Halogens】 Equipped with high luminous efficacy CSP chips and 6000K cool white, E1 9005 LED headlight bulbs output 350% more brightness, providing further and wider visibility for you to see the deer, wild animals, falling rocks or other obstacles in advance to ensure safer driving at night

  • 【Ideal Beam Pattern】 Nilight HB3 LED headlight bulb enhances super focused beam pattern for optimal light shape to improve light concentration and clear visibility.

  • 【10 Mins Easy Installation】 All-in-one compact design, the built-in driver for taking up less space in housing, 1:1 mini size as original halogen bulbs for greater compatibility, real plug and play, quickly install in 10 mins.

  • 【50,000 Hours Lifespan】 65% energy saving, brighter light output with much less power consumption.

  • Check On Amazon

    AUXITO Upgraded 9005 HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs 6000K White, 100W 20000 Lumens 600% Brighter

    • 【300% Brighter Than Halogen】- Top Automotive-Grade LED chips with 60W, 12,000LM per pair, 6500K cool white. Super focused beam pattern design provides a wider and farther lighting range which is 3 times brighter than your original halogen bulb.

    • 【Over 5,0000 Hours Lifespan】 - Whole aviation aluminum body, unique hollow-carved heat sink design, and 1,2000RPM turbo cool fan provide super cooling ability, which ensures a longer lifespan up to 5,0000 hours.

    • 【10 Minutes Easy Installation】- Almost 1:1 mini design same as halogen, perfectly fit into your housing and factory sockets without any modification, just plug and play.

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    It helps to reduce time wastage when replacing your Subaru Forester headlights and fog lights or when upgrading to HIDs. It’s always important that you verify all bulb voltage usages, wattages and sizes before applying the information given.

    The Subaru light bulb size guide is a list of all the replacement headlight, parking light, tail-light and reverse bulbs for all Subaru models produced between 1990 to 2016.

    Each subheading has an image showing you what type of lamps are used on each car. The images are labeled with the brake light number or code, front sidemarker location/type, front turn signal lamp type and back-up lamp type.

    If your model isn’t listed here contact us on our contact tab at the top right hand side of this page! We will be more than happy to assist you finding your headlights bulbs replacements. If you still have trouble finding your correct replacement headlight bulb size please pop over to our Headlight Bulb Replacement section for further help!

    Subaru Forester Replacement Bulbs (1990-2009)

    The Subaru Forester headlight bulbs are H11. The parking light bulb, front sidemarker lamp and front turn signal lamp could be either 168 or 194 bayonets. The back up lights are T10.

    Aftermarket Light Bulbs: Upgrade Options

    The Subaru Forester is a crossover SUV that has made a name due to its great maneuverability, power and quality drive. For such a car, it’s mandatory to check the condition of its headlights.

    If you wish to customize your Subaru Forester, consider fitting some flashy bright headlights, individualized tail lights, or extra brake lights. These are built to not only assist in safe driving, but to also complement your vehicle.

    The Subaru Forester headlights usually serve you for the entire period of car’s service life. However, if they are damaged or got hazy with time, it is good to make some improvements on them. If you look at your headlight and notice that there are some issues (like scratches, discoloration or even cracks), then you need to replace them.

    If you don’t know how to do this yourself, consider asking your local mechanic shop what the costs would be for replacing these parts on your vehicle. Usually changing the headlight is not a difficult job for an experienced professional mechanic however if done wrong can damage other parts of your vehicle so please keep in mind that only a professional should change the headlights of any vehicle.

    The Subaru Forester Headlights should be correctly aimed and adjusted to ensure that all other drivers see your vehicle while driving at night, or in the bad weather (rain, fog). If you own a 2000-2003 Forester, make sure to check if they are properly aimed since this model’s headlights can be easily misadjusted during installation.

    If there is no white dot on your headlight housing (the piece where your headlight fits), it means that this part was built by the manufacturer (Subaru) with an aim of reducing glare for other drivers and improving safety while driving at night. If you adjust your headlights using these lines marked on the road, then their aim will be incorrect and might lead to deteriorating outside visibility.

    According to the Subaru service manual, you should always aim your headlights at the third bar (or line) on the horizontal (overhead) scale. However, if you own a 2000-2003 Forester, make sure to check if they are aimed correctly since this model’s headlights can be easily misadjusted during installation.

    Once adjusted correctly, make sure that you use only high quality replacement parts for your headlights otherwise it will affect their visibility on the road. If you notice any issues with foggy headlight lenses, broken bulbs or faulty wiring harnesses, don’t hesitate to replace them as soon as possible in order to avoid accidents happening while driving at night or in bad weather conditions.

    The Subaru Forester headlights are among the most important parts of your vehicle since they provide light that allows you to drive safely. That’s why it is mandatory to check them regularly and replace them if necessary, or adjust their aim to reduce glare for other drivers on the road.

    As with all lights (headlight, taillights), please keep in mind not to touch them directly with your hands since this may leave greasy prints which will attract dust and cause hazy headlights. You can use disposable paper towels or q-tips (cotton bud) instead.

    Installation & Diagrams

    This bulb replacement guide takes you step by step on how to change a burnt out low beam, front turn signal, side marker, high beam, daytime running lap light bulb for the 2014-2018 Subaru Forester model years.

    2018 Forester Headlight replacement

    How to replace the Low Beam – Outer Area

    low beam outer area subaru forester

    Rear of Low Beam Bulb

    subaru forester headlight replacement

    The recommended light bulb part numbers include: low beam #H11, front turn signal #744NA or 7440A, side marker #2825, high beam #9005, and DRL #2825.

    Push In Tab – Pull Off Plug

    Grab Base of Low Beam

    osram headlight

    1/4 Turn Counter-clockwise

    • Open the bonnet and move to the burnt out bulb.
    • Locate the base of the low beam bulb from behind the headlight assembly.
    • Push the electrical connector release tab and slide down the power plug.

    Old Low Beam Removed

    subaru forester low beam

    Empty Bulb Housing

    • Rotate the bulb base anticlockwise and pull it out.
    • Don’t allow any fingerprints or oils to get onto the glass part of the new bulb. Wipe off any dirt or oils with rubbing alcohol.

    Insert New Light Bulb

    1/4 Turn Clockwise – Lock

    Push On Power Plug

    • Insert the new H11 low beam bulb and rotate it clockwise to secure it.
    • Push in the power plug until it clicks into place.

    How to replace the High Beam – Bottom Inner

    Base of Old High Beam

    Disconnect Power Plug

    • Find the high beam light bulb at the bottom corner of the headlight housing.
    • Push the release tab to release the power plug.

    Power Plug Removed

    1/4 Turn Counterclockwise

    Old High Beam Removed

    subaru forester high beam light

    • Rotate the old light bulb using its base and pull it out.

    Empty Bulb Housing

    Install New High Beam

    • Clean off any fingerprints and oils from the glass part of the new light bulb using rubbing alcohol.
    • Install the new #9005 high beam bulb.

    1/4 Turn Clockwise – Lock

    Push On Power Plug

    How to replace the Turn Signal – Top Inner

    • Turn the base of the new light bulb clockwise and lock it in place.
    • Push the power plug into the socket and ensure that it clicks into lace.

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        Headlight Bulb Low Beam (with halogen headlights) – H11
        Fog Light Bulb Front (with eyesight package (steering responsive fog)) – H11LED
        Fog Light Bulb Front (without eyesight package (steering responsive fog)) – H16LED

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