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Aftermarket Headlights

You have lots of upgrade alternatives. But the F-150 LED replacement lights are much better than their other rivals in the market. For sure, they are known to be long-lasting and much brighter. As such, these exceptional bulbs will enable you to see more clearly after the sun sets, particularly, if you combine them with modernly styled headlights.

When considering upgrades for your vehicle’s lighting, the LED replacement lights for the F-150 stand out significantly among the various options available in the market. Known for their exceptional longevity and superior brightness, these LED lights are a top choice for discerning vehicle owners.

The enhanced illumination provided by these bulbs is particularly noticeable after sunset, offering a clearer and more vivid view of the road ahead. This is especially beneficial when these LEDs are paired with modern, stylish headlights, creating a combination that not only improves visibility but also adds a sleek, contemporary look to your vehicle.

Moreover, the advantages of opting for F-150 LED replacement lights go beyond just enhanced visibility and aesthetic appeal. These LED bulbs are renowned for their energy efficiency, consuming less power while providing brighter light compared to traditional bulbs.

This efficiency not only leads to a reduction in energy consumption but also lessens the strain on your vehicle’s electrical system. Additionally, the durability of LEDs means fewer replacements over time, making them a cost-effective and practical choice in the long run.

Upgrading to these LED lights not only ensures a safer driving experience but also contributes to the overall maintenance and value of your F-150, making it an investment that pays off in multiple ways.

Best-Rated Headlight Assemblies


Morimoto XB LED Plug & Play (White DRL (For OEM Halogen))

Morimoto XB LED F150 headlights are high-quality aftermarket lights that are specifically designed as a direct replacement for your factory installed headlights. The model comes with LED bulbs for bright illumination at night.

The Morimoto LED headlight has many great features that are considered as an upgrade from your factory installed lights.

Aftermarket headlights allow you to have many options that are not available with factory installed headlights. You can get it to have a style or look that matches your style by just matching the color of the headlight housing with the color of your truck’s paintjob. The brightness, beam pattern, and other components can also be customized according to what you need.

HEADLIGHTS: F150 XB LED (Set – L/R) WIRING: Plug and Play Harness LED DRIVERS: XB LED Driver Modules WARRANTY: 5 Years SWAG: Morimoto Decal
F150 : 2015-2017 RAPTOR: 2016-2019 REPLACES: FL3Z-13008B, FL3Z-13008A (Halogen) REPLACES: HL3Z-13008-A, HL3Z-13008-A (LED) WIRING: Plug n Play MEETS: DOT, SAE, FMVSS108 STANDARDS
TRAFFIC PATTERN: LHD ONLY INPUT: Proprietary Ford Multi-pin WEATHER RATING: IP67 Waterproof LENS MATERIAL: High Impact Polycarb (UV-Resistant) LIGHT SOURCE: Osram Ostar Headlamp LED LED OPTICS: Kuria Quad Optics INTENSITY: 2,600lm (raw; each) COLOR: 5500K (Pure White)

AnzoUSA 111357 Ford F150 Projector Headlight w/LED Light Bar

For those who want their headlights to clear not only the view but also tell a tale, the Anzo headlight will surely interest them. Anzo is a brand known for its stylish and unique designs, and that’s exactly why this model is so popular. Coming with a projector housing, this headlight for your F150 is made to give you that advanced look.

Anzo headlights are available in many different models and styles that can be customized to fit right into your truck. The items offered by the company include:

These options may come with full assembly or just the housing. It also comes with different colors for you to get that perfect style or look. It is available in black, chrome, smoke, matte black, and many more.

Anzo headlights are also equipped with superior components that provide safety and comfort during night driving. Such include:

For those looking for projector LED lights instead of halogen bulbs with their Anzo headlights, these products are also available. It comes with H7 LED technology for you to get the brightest lights possible without draining your truck’s battery life.

HEADLIGHTS: F150 XB LED (Set – L/R) COLOR: 5500K (Pure White) INTENSITY: 2,600lm (raw; each) WARRANTY: 5 Years
COMPATIBILITY: 2015-2017 F-150 2017-2019 F-150 Raptor

AlphaRex 6000K White LED Projector Headlights Headlamps Assembly


You may be asking yourself when to replace your own headlight bulbs. It’s important to know that for sure.

When your bulb has blown out, you have to replace it. No alternative.  If you use halogen bulbs, you may have to replace them when they have dimmed. Unlike the LED lamps and HID lightings that are only serviced when the source of light has failed, these options will produce much less light as they age. You will also be required to replace your lightings when your headlight circuit fails. In these instances, your choice of socket size, your system components, and your terminal connections could be the underlying problem.

How can you professionally replace your headlight bulbs?

  1. Raise the hood to access your halogen bulbs and sealed beams
  2. For HID and LED systems, follow the repair procedures in the relevant factory service manual
  3. Inspect wiring and bulb sockets (Ensure electrical connections are safe and complete)
  4. Turn on the newly installed bulbs

The Ford F-150 headlight bulb replacement process is simple but requires your undivided attention. If you are not 100% certain of your competence, get the services of your mechanic. Here are things you need to keep in mind when doing this important work.

  •         Test if there’s power

If your bulb doesn’t have a visible filament that you can inspect, your mechanic test to find out if there’s power to the bulb. Remember, this process only applies to you if your car has either LED or HID lighting.

  •         Ensure there’re equal illumination levels

Halogen lamps and sealed beams are the most affected here. Replace them in pairs to ensure both sides of your car have equal light intensity at all times.

  •         Restore Plastic lenses

These particular lenses degrade over time.  If these features are causing you problems, replace them.

  •         Ensure Efficiency of all components of the headlight circuit

The condition of all the components, including your Ford F-150 headlight size, ground connection, bulb sockets, and fuses determine the reliability of your headlights.

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Bulb Replacement


the headlight replacement on the f-150 is pretty simple it’s recommended to replace the headlights in pairs so both of them have the same level of brightness to gain access open the hood and remove the plastic cowling at the front of the engine bay use a screwdriver to carefully unscrew the center of each fastener once the plastic screws are out pry up on the flat part of the fastener to remove them set them aside so you can reinstall them later once they’re all out set the cowling aside now locate the two tabs just behind

the headlight assembly we’re working on the driver’s side but they’re the same on the passenger side as well there are two tabs at each head lane pull up on the tabs to release the headlight assembly gently push the headlight assembly forward once the assembly is out unscrew the retainer ring holding the bulb in place once the ring is free unplug the connector and pull the bulb to remove it from the headlight assembly to help reduce corrosion

in the electrical connections put a small amount of bulb grease in the electrical connector contacts it’s critical to the life of the new bulb that you not get any oils or grease on the glass of the bulb so be sure to wear gloves when handling the new bulbs now insert the new bulb into the headlight assembly along with the retainer ring and hand tighten now plug the connector into the….

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