How to choose the best headlight bulbs for Pontiac G6?


We wouldn’t go as far as to say that the Pontiac G6 is bland-looking, because it isn’t, but it is not one of the best-looking vehicles either. What we would say is that the looks don’t do the driving dynamics the G6 offers much justice – a more striking design would’ve communicated the sportiness of the G6 better.

Happily, there are ways to improve the looks of the G6 and one of them are the front headlights. Changing your headlights with better-looking units will not only improve the looks in the front end, but it can also improve visibility in the night. The G6 is an older model by now and installing HID or full-LED headlights will make a lot of difference, turning every night into a day.

Some Pontiac G6 models have a problem with the wiring harness, which melts due to the excessive heat the bulbs produce. In those circumstances, it is best to replace the wiring as well, possibly a higher-quality aftermarket one.

Enhancing the appearance of the Pontiac G6 can be effectively achieved through upgrades to the front headlights, which serve as a dual-purpose improvement for both aesthetics and functionality. As the G6 is an older model, switching out the existing headlights for HID (High-Intensity Discharge) or full-LED (Light Emitting Diode) units can make a dramatic difference.

These modern lighting technologies not only refine the vehicle’s front end visually but also significantly enhance night-time visibility, effectively turning night into day with their superior illumination.

Pontiac G6 Headlight Bulb Size Chart

Pontiac G6 2005–2010

ApplicationBulb SizeBulb Size
Back Up LightStandard Model: 921Long Life Model: 912LED
Back Up LightStandard Model: 3057Long Life Model: 3057LL
Brake LightStandard Model: 3057K
Dome LightStandard Model: 561
Fog LightStandard Model: 9040
Front Side Marker LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
Front Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 3057K
High Beam HeadlightStandard Model: H965
License Plate LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
Low Beam HeadlightStandard Model: H1155Long Life Model: H1155LL
Map LightStandard Model: 168Long Life Model:  168LL
Parking LightStandard Model: 3057K
Rear Side Marker LightStandard Model: 194Long Life Model: 194LL
Rear Turn Signal LightStandard Model: 3057K
Step LightStandard Model: 37Long Life Model:  74LED
Tail LightStandard Model: 3057K
Trunk LightStandard Model: 211-2

How to find the right headlight bulbs for Pontiac G6?

Through its production time, the Pontiac G6 uses two bulbs in the headlights – one for the low beam and one for the high beam. For the low beam, you should be looking for H9 bulbs, while for the high beam you should be looking for H11 bulbs. However, the best way to check if the bulbs will suit your Pontiac G6 is to check in the owner’s manual or ask the closest General Motors dealer.

How to upgrade the headlights on the G6?

In order to get the most out of the OEM headlights, it’s always best to replace the broken bulbs with high-quality halogen bulbs from reputable manufacturers. These will not only have a brighter light, but they also last longer and generally reimburse the higher price.

However, if you want even brighter lights that will last even longer, then HID bulbs are the best choice. HID bulbs produce brighter light and improve visibility in the night, but they can’t work miracles with the OEM headlights. To get most out of the HID bulbs, you’ll need different headlight assemblies. Thankfully, today there are a lot of different headlights available for the Pontiac G6, most of which have projectors that use the HID bulbs to their fullest capacity.

The best option is to upgrade the headlight assembly with full LED headlights. These custom headlights look much better and will give your G6 a fresh appearance, almost like it’s a 2019 model. They are also much more powerful and direct the light better. In other words, you will have better visibility in the night, while other drivers will not be blinded by your headlights. The best of both worlds.

Most custom aftermarket headlights come with LED strips built-in, which make the G6 more visible even during the day. That said, if you don’t want to change the full headlight assembly, you can install add-on daytime LED lights or LED strips, which serve the same purpose. These are generally inexpensive, but you should have experience in wiring and installing new equipment on your vehicle.

Pontiac G6 light bulbs replacement guide

We recommend changing the headlight bulbs at a proper mechanic, but if you still want to do it yourself, here are the steps needed:

  • Determine which bulb you need to change – the low beam bulb or the high beam bulb.
  • Remove the headlamp mounting bolts and then the bumper cover clips
  • Pull the bumper cover and the headlight forward by taking it out of the clips that hold it in place and remove the headlight assembly
  • Remove the rubber cover by twisting counterclockwise
  • Remove the wiring assembly from the bulb by pressing it on the sides
  • Remove the headlight bulb by twisting counterclockwise
  • Install the new bulb and turn clockwise

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