Toyota Prius OEM Headlight Bulb Replacement Guide


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2022 Toyota Prius ChartBuy Bulb on Amazon
Headlight Bulb High Beam and Low Beam
Fog Light Bulb Front
Center High Mount Stop Light Bulb
Brake Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front
License Plate Light Bulb
Parking Light Bulb
Tail Light Bulb
Daytime Running Light Bulb
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear
Side Marker Light Bulb Front
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear
Back Up Light Bulb
Vanity Mirror Light Bulb
Trunk or Cargo Area Light
Dome Light Bulb
Map Light Bulb
Interior Door Light Bulb

Your Toyota headlights, brake lights and tail lights should be in perfect condition. This is because they play a crucial role in ensuring that you, your family, and other motorists arrive alive. Bad light bulbs and broken lights put everyone at risk. In addition, they can earn you a ticket from the authorities. Carry out regular checks on your Toyota Prius to ensure that light bulbs are functioning properly. If you need a replacement, shop only for OEM parts and be wary of aftermarket imitations.

Maintaining the condition of your Toyota’s headlights, brake lights, and tail lights is essential for ensuring safety on the road. These components are vital not just for your visibility and the conveyance of your intentions to other road users, but they also play a critical role in safeguarding the lives of you, your family, and fellow motorists.

Neglecting them can lead to dangerous situations; for instance, faulty or broken lights can significantly increase the risk of accidents, especially in low visibility conditions. Furthermore, driving with malfunctioning lights can attract penalties, as it’s a violation of road safety regulations, potentially resulting in a ticket from law enforcement.

For Toyota Prius owners, it’s advisable to conduct regular checks to ensure all light bulbs are functioning correctly. In the event of a required replacement, it’s crucial to opt for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

While some may be cheaper, they’re likely to burn out quickly and do more harm than good.

Headlight Bulbs By Year

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Headlight Bulb High Beam - 9005

SEALIGHT 9005 Led Bulb

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  • Sealight X4 series 9005 led bulbs provide 700% higher brightness and superior visibility than stock halogen lamps. The power of a single LED is as high as 55W, the same 55W as stock halogen lamps, tealight 9005 can directly alleviate 95% of decoding problems, and no warning light.

Product Key Benefits

  • 6500 Kelvin Color Temperature

  • Stable Performance for 50000HRS

  • Can-bus Error Free

  • IP68 Waterproof Level

  • 14.000 Lumens Per Bulb

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AUTOONE 9005 LED Headlight White Bulbs , Replacement for Halogen, for High Beam, Pack of 2

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AUTO ONE 9005 LED headlight bulbs are made of CSP chips, which have high luminous efficacy. The 6000K color temperature LED Headlights to offer an excellent working light temperature like daylight, which is best for nighttime visibility. These 9005 led headlight bulbs can be used in HID Ballast or CANBUS system with no error message on dashboard display. 10 Mins Easy Installation -AUTO ONE HB3 LED headlight bulb is 1:1 the same size as a halogen bulb, perfect replacement for the stock

Product Specs

  • Color temperature - 6000 Kelvin‎

  • Color - Silver

  • Fit Type - ‎Vehicle Specific

  • Operating Life ‎50000 Hours

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JINJUDIANZI 9005 HB3 Led Mini Size Headlight Bulbs with 6 Sides DOB Chips

These 9005 HB3/9006 HB4 Led Headlight Bulbs with 6 sides DOB LED chips are a great upgrade from your standard headlight bulbs. They provide a super bright output of up to 5000lm per light, making them 3 times brighter than halogen lamps. The wider and farther lighting area provides a safer environment for night-driving, and the excellent heat dissipation performance keeps the bulbs cooler and increases their lifetime to 50,000 hours.

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  • Power - 60 Watts

  • Light Output - 10,000 Lm/bulb

  • Voltage - 12V

  • Color Temperature - 6500K Cool White

  • IP67 Waterproof Level

  • 360 Degree Lighting

  • Easy to install

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Toyota Prius Headlights

Headlight lenses are typically made of polycarbonate plastic which protects the bulb from damage during impacts. Because of this, headlights require replacement when their lens is damaged. Toyota Prius headlights should be replaced because of haze or cracks that appear over time. You can easily check for this because you’ll notice that light isn’t passing through the headlight’s glass correctly. The easiest way to fix this is to replace your headlight assembly with an OEM one. Since these parts are expensive, you might want to consider getting a third-party part instead. However, avoid aftermarket units if possible (they’re poorly made and don’t fit properly).

Toyota Prius Brake Lights and Tail Lights

Brake lights, tail lights, and license plate lamps are lit almost daily. They’re exposed to extreme temperatures which can cause internal components to corrode or malfunction. These components (e.g., resistor) may be cheap but you still require OEM replacements because they ensure that your brakes and turn signals work properly. Plus, low brake light output is dangerous for everyone in the car because it could affect the stopping ability of the vehicle.

Toyota Prius Bulbs: Light Emitting Diode (LED) vs Incandescent Bulb/Halogen Bulb Headlights – Toyota Prius headlights use halogen bulbs when you first buy it. However, LED headlights are becoming common in high-end cars due to their low power consumption and long lifespan. They can turn on instantly (unlike HIDs), which is great for turns during the night. The only downside of using LED headlights is that they don’t provide enough UV protection, so you’ll need to use these bulbs with additional lenses or shields.

HID Bulbs – These emit more light than halogen ones, but they’re also slightly dimmer than LEDs. When shopping for replacements (e.g., HID Xenon kit) make sure you get one that matches your car’s original type; otherwise, the wrong bulb won’t fit into its housing or connect properly to electrical components (this means you won’t get maximum light output).

Halogen Bulb – Halogen bulbs were the first type of headlight and they’re still common today. They provide better visibility at night, but consume more power than LEDs or HIDs. Since these bulbs emit less UV rays than other types, you don’t need extra lenses but they do require longer to heat up (instant-on lights such as LEDs can cause temporary blindness if looked directly into for a short period).

Toyota Prius Lights: The Different Types of Headlights and Bulbs – Table 1: When shopping for replacement headlights, you’ll encounter different types that include: High/Low Beam (both replace the same components), Fog Lightsrequire separate parts since their housings are separate, and Demon Eyeswhich allow you to customize your car. If you go shopping for a new pair of headlights or want to improve your current lenses with a retrofit kit, it’s important that you know the difference between halogen bulbs, HID xenon lights, LED lights, and demon eyes .

Toyota Prius Headlights: Halogen Bulbs vs LED vs HID Xenon – The interior components of your headlight can be divided into low-beam and high-beam units. On one hand, the low beam unit includes a bulb as well as its housing (lens). Manufacturers often use light sources such as LEDs or halogen ones in this part because they’re cheaper than HIDs (low-beam headlight bulbs are always halogen). On the other hand, high-beam headlamps include just one bulb and housing (i.e., they don’t contain individual low-beam ones). Due to this reason, manufacturers often use HID Xenon lights or LEDs in these units because they emit more light than halogen bulbs.

Toyota Prius Corner Light Lenses – As mentioned earlier , you should replace your headlight lenses if they’re broken or cloudy. However, many people overlook the fact that corner lights will show signs of deterioration as well. You’ll know when they do because you’ll notice that light won’t pass through properly (usually due to cracks on corner light housings) or most of the time straightaway

Toyota Prius Headlight Bulb Size Chart

Your Toyota Prius may need a new High Intensity Discharge Headlight kit or Xenon headlamp kit. In addition you may need to replace your interior bulbs with SMD or LED bulbs. The first step should be to find out the right bulb replacement size for your Toyota Prius.

The Toyota Prius headlight bulb replacement guide is built to provide visitors with an online catalogue that includes details about all the Toyota bulb sizes and replacement processes. It covers changing a broken light bulb, replacing existing bulbs for new ones, and the installation of HID and LED bulbs. This cuts off on some of the hours spent trying to figure out what to do.

The information is listed for free but should be utilized carefully. This is because there is no warranty. Confirm with your car dealership or vehicle manual that you have all the right requirements.

Aftermarket Light Bulbs: Upgrade Options

There’s a comprehensive collection of stylish brake lights, extra bright headlights, and fashionable tail lights available for your Toyota Prius. These are built to the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to work even under bad weather conditions. These lights are not only stylish, but they’re also more visible during nighttime driving.

Toyota Prius Headlights – LED headlights pretty much illuminate the road ahead for your Toyota Prius. They’re brighter than standard lights and provide greater visibility even on poorly lit roads. Not to mention that LED lights are longer lasting compared to standard bulbs. You can opt for either projector or reflector type headlights depending on your preference.

Keep in mind however that not all apps offer high-quality light kits, which is why it’s important to conduct research prior to purchasing anything online. We’ve tried our best to present you with some of the best apps out there, with most positive customer feedback ratings, as well as through product testing.

Installation & Diagrams
The headlight replacement guide below covers replacement of the high beam, low beam, front side marker, parking light, fog light and front turn signal bulbs in the 2010-2015 Toyota Prius.

2012 Prius Headlight

Low Beam – Cloudy Eye

Reach Behind Headlight
The replacement bulbs that will be used here are: High Beam 9005 or #HB3, Low Beam #H11, Side Marker #2825, Front Parking Light #2825, Fog Light #5202 or H16, and Front Turn Signal #7440A or 992.

1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise

Press Tab – Unplug Bulb

Old # H11 Low Beam
• Reach the low beam bulb from the back of the headlight assembly and turn it using its base in a counterclockwise direction.
• Pull the bulb out and release the tab to remove the power connector.

Philips H11 LL 12V 55W

New H11 Bulb

Insert New Low Beam Bulb
• Install the new H11 low beam bulb and rotate it in a clockwise direction to secure it into the headlight assembly. Use a clean paper towel dampened with alcohol to clean off any dirt, oil, or fingerprints from the bulb.

1/4 Turn Clockwise

Push On Power Connector

High Beam Bulb
• Push the power connector back into place and ensure that it sits firm.
• Reach the high beam bulb from the bottom corner of the lighting unit near the vehicle’s center line.

High Beam Bulb Base

1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise

Pull Out High Beam
• Rotate the bulb’s black base in a counter-clockwise direction from behind the assembly. Pull it out.

Press Plug Release Tab

High Beam Bulb Removed

Sylvania HB3 9005 60W
• Press the tabs to release the power connector.
• Install the new 9005 or HB3 high beam bulb into the headlight unit and turn it clockwise to fix it in place.

Insert New High Beam

1/4 Turn Clockwise

Front Parking Light
• Re-install the high beam bulb power connector and make sure it clicks into place.
• Locate the front parking light bulb from the top corner of the headlight housing.

1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise

Pull Out Old 2825 (168) Bulb

1/4 Turn Clockwise
• Reach out to the small plastic base of the parking light bulb and rotate it anticlockwise.
• Pull out the existing bulb and install the new #168 or 2825 into the socket.
• Push the parking light socket back into the headlight housing and turn it clockwise to fix it into place.

Front Side Marker Light

Reach In – 1/4 Turn CC

Pull Out Old # 168 / 2825
• Locate the front side marker light bulb from the lower outer edge of the assembly.
• Reach for the engine bay and turn the small plastic side marker bulb socket anticlockwise and pull it out of the assembly.
• Remove the #2825 bulb out of the socket and install a new #2825 bulb.

Test New Headlight Bulb(s)

Testing High Beam Bulb

Turn Signal & Fog Light

• Turn on the headlights and test the new bulbs.

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