Audi RS7 Headlight Bulb Size


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Second generation (Type 4K8; 2018–present)

The second-generation Audi RS7, designated as Type 4K8, typically features state-of-the-art LED or Matrix LED headlight systems. These systems do not use traditional replaceable bulbs but are composed of integrated LED units.

The LED headlights provide excellent illumination, energy efficiency, and a modern, sleek appearance that complements the dynamic design of the RS7. Some models may also be equipped with advanced features like laser light technology, which work in tandem with the LED headlights to extend the range and intensity of the illumination, especially beneficial for high-speed driving conditions.

First generation (Type 4G8; 2010-present)

In the first-generation Audi RS7, also known as Type 4G8, the vehicle primarily uses HID (Xenon) or LED headlights, depending on the specific model and optional packages. HID-equipped models generally utilize D3S bulbs, offering a bright, white light that enhances visibility over greater distances.

Alternatively, models with LED headlights have integrated LED units that provide efficient and long-lasting lighting. Unlike traditional bulbs, these LED units are part of the headlamp assembly and are not designed to be individually replaceable.

For Audi RS7 owners considering headlight maintenance or upgrades, it is crucial to recognize the type of headlight system installed in their specific model. Consultation with the vehicle’s manual or a professional, particularly an Audi-certified technician, is recommended to ensure accurate information and proper handling.

Especially for models with integrated LED systems, professional servicing is often required due to the complexity and integration of these advanced lighting systems in the vehicle’s overall design and electrical architecture.

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