4114 Bulb Guide

4114 Bulb Cross Reference 3157*, T25 3155, 3457A, 3457NA, 4057,4157, 3157A, 3057A, 3157, 3157NA, 5702A, 4157NA, 3057, 3454NA, 4157, 3047, 3357A, 3757A, 3457, 4114, 3357, 4114LL, 3457K, 3157LL, 4157K, 3057LL, … Read more

3047 Bulb Guide

This is going to be a quick review of the 3047 reverse lights and daytime running lights these were in Maya 2008 Silverado I got about eBay I think the … Read more

2827 Bulb Guide

2827 Bulb Cross Reference T10 T8, T12,T15, 194, 175, 168, #555, 2886X, 194R, 161B, 3652, 193, 658, 2827, 194NA, 161, 558, 168NA, 2825, 194G, 160, 168A, 192, 2821, 194B, 158, … Read more

2504 Bulb Guide

2504 Bulb Cross Reference H16 H16 2504, 5202, 9009 The 2504 bulb, commonly known as the PSX24W, is a unique lighting solution primarily used in automotive applications, especially for fog … Read more

1003 Bulb Guide

We will help you understand and identify the number 1003 ba15s base manager ball volts ready to 12.8…. 1003 Bulb Cross Reference 1156, BA15S 1141, 2396, 1156, 67, 87, 12088, … Read more

7444 Bulb Guide

Today we’re going to look at changing out your incandescent brake light bulbs with LED replacements from Sylvania the regular brake light bulb is a 1 1 5 7. It’s … Read more

D4S bulb guide

If you are looking for a gas-discharge lamp, you may require D4S, depending on your unique requirements.  These sources of light are exempted from the guideline on UN Regulation 37. … Read more

H14 bulb guide

H14 automobile lamps also fall under Group 1. Whenever you want bulbs that you can use without any legal limitations, you need to go no further. Rely on them as … Read more

H7 bulb guide

All the lamps that fall into the category of H7 are included in Group 1. According to UN Regulation 37, these lights are always road legal. So, you can buy … Read more

H4 Light Bulb Guide

h4 bulbs

H4 bulb belongs to Group 1. This means you are free to use H4 bulb for any lighting purpose. In most cases, you will also be able to use H4 … Read more