HID VS LED Headlights

Today we’re going to do a comparison of three bulbs halogen HID and LED so first we’re gonna compare the amount of power consumed by each bulb as you can see the voltmeter is showing the bulb is consuming 56.7 watts of power next we’re gonna do the HID bulb with the HID bulb the power…


Peaks when turned on then drops down and stabilizes the hid takes up 41.9 watts let’s check the LED bulb the power consumed from this bulb is about 32 watts next we’re going to leave all three lights on and let them stay on for about ten minutes and then we’re going to come back and we’re gonna check the temperature of each bulb all right it’s been a little over 10 minutes so we’re going to start measuring the temperature of the halogen bulb if you look closely you can see the red dot from the meter on the bulb the temperature goes over 200 degrees and then even all the way up to 400 degrees on the hottest points let’s now move to the hid bulb on the hottest spot we’re seeing readings over 500 lastly we’re doing the LED bulb and the hottest spot we can find on the LED bulb is just over a hundred and fifty degrees that’s the temperature measurement for all three bulbs next we’re comparing the brightness and color temperature of the three bulb types against a wall we’ll be able to see the beam pattern and check the lumens on the wall point here first let me explain why there are these lines on the wall there are a total of four lines this is the vertical center to the vehicle these two lines are the two headlights the horizontal line here is the height for the headlight bulb the distance here is fifty three and a quarter between the two headlights the next measurement is the height of the headlight from the ground which is twenty eight and a half inches our meter is set to a height of 20 and a half inches the center of the headlight is measured at twenty eight and a half inches the front of the vehicle is twenty five feet away from the wall also so the viewers at home can see this is where the car and the camera are positioned in the warehouse we chose this location for the camera so you can see the cars light beam pattern on the wall and the light will be obstructed by the camera let’s go ahead and sense the three bulbs first the halogen the color temperature is 3080 2255 Lux and the lux is how bright the light is next is the HID bulb the color temperature is eight thousand seven hundred and thirty-two Kelvin and the lux is one hundred and ninety-one lastly the LED bulb is coming in with a color temperature of seven thousand six hundred and sixty Kelvin and a brightness of 338 lux before we start let me show you the readings for the environmental light in this area this is where we will be testing our lights the color temperature of the light in this environment is 1891 Kelvin with the brightness of 5.4 Lux first we’re going to start with this h-11 halogen bulb so right now we have the meter testing how far we are from the car we’re approximately seven feet three inches from the car because this is the nearest distance an average driver can see before their view is obstructed by the vehicle okay for the halogen bulb the color temperature is 3069 Kelvin and the brightness is 176 looks next is the HID kit the color temperature here is a thousand 174 Kelvin and the brightness is 227 months lastly we’re gonna text the LED and that’s reading right now at 6000 746 Kelvin and the brightness at 420 Lux the measurements were all taken from 7 feet 3 inches away from the car next we’re going to move back a little further roughly 33 feet first we’re going to start with this h-11 halogen bulb the halogen bulbs measure up at a color temperature of 3123 Kelvin and a brightness of 112 lux now we’re going to do the HID bulbs they are reading at eight thousand nine hundred and thirty Kelvin for the color temperature and a brightness of 295 Lux lastly we’re gonna text the LED the reading for the LED bulb is seven thousand four hundred and twenty seven Kelvin for the color temperature and two hundred and fifteen Lux for the brightness now we’re gonna move back even further and see what results we get we are now 71 feet away let’s start with the halogen bulbs they’re coming in at three thousand one hundred and forty-two Kelvin and forty point three lux and that’s the reading for the halogen bulb at 71 feet now we’re going to do the HID bulbs they read eight thousand two hundred and sixty-seven Kelvin and twenty point eight bucks and last is the LED and that’s measuring up at seven thousand two hundred and forty nine Kelvin and 70.3 Lux from brightness and that’s the measurement for all three bulbs with a distance over seven eight feet you


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