Sylvania Headlight Bulb Comparison Chart


Customers are usually aware of the role proper lighting plays when it comes to safety on the road but in addition to headlights and signal lighting customers should also be aware of the safety benefits of backup and daytime running lights.

Downroad VisibilityProduct FamiliesBrightnessDownroadSideroadBenefitsColor Temp.Buy Now
SilverStar Ultra50%40%50%Brightest and Whitest Light~4100KBuy Now
SilverStar35%30%35%Brighter and Whiter Light~4000KBuy Now
Eco Bright25% Your environment choice. Save energy - save moneyEnergy Saving, Brighter Light~3200K
XtraVision30%25%---Brighter Light~3200K
Standard Halogen---------Basic Performance~3100K

Where brighter and whiter bulbs play a role. Both Sylvania LED and Sylvania zero LED minis feature a brighter whiter light that stands out on the front of the car in the daytime so other drivers can see you coming. And also when doing something as simple as backing up a car and seeing more behind you. With today’s backup cameras better lighting will allow the picture to come out clearer along with the safety benefit of just seeing more

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