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Bright and clear, the Sylvania Silverstar Ultra headlight bulb is an ideal choice for vehicle owners who are looking for the ultra-high performance aftermarket halogen bulbs. Owing to its patented Tri-Band technology, this headlight bulb offers whiter light than Sylvania OE bulbs.  These bulbs are clearer and will shine brighter enhancing object visibility and contrast when driving during inclement weather or night time making the experience less stressful.

The combination of whiter light, further down-road, and more side-road visibility provide more clarity. This results in a more comfortable and less stressful driving experience during the night hours. SYLVANIA accomplishes this by utilizing a specially designed filament, a lamp coating, and propriety gas mixture that makes a brighter download light and shifts the bulb’s color temperature to a whiter light.

The manufacturer attests that these halogen bulbs offer a fantastic combination of a farther down-road and more side-road clarity resulting in a comfortable and safer driving experience. In addition, the product is DOT compliant and is available in a package of two bulbs to ensure symmetrical lighting. Furthermore, these bulbs come in five different bulb sizes making it easy to find the best replacement bulb size for their vehicles.

Sylvania Silverstar Ultra Product Details

  • Produces the whitest light when compared to Sylvania OE bulbs. With more brightness and enhanced visibility, drivers can easily and quickly identify objects and react to any traffic hazards.
  • Uses Halogen Technology
  • Patented Tri-Band technology for brighter, clearer light
  • Produces super-bright light to enhance visibility and guarantees a stress-free driving experience
  • Legal for on-road use as it is DOT / SAE Compliant
  • The whiter light produced by the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra halogen bulbs is rated at 4100 kelvins and it still has some yellow tinge to it. However, it is higher up the scale when compared to the normal halogen bulb that is rated about 3000 Kelvins.
  • Comes in a 2 bulbs package with a 1-year warranty

The Sylvania SilverStar Ultra is a perfect choice for folks who are looking to replace their stock headlights with a more economical, efficient lamps. Just like most after-market halogen products, the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra is packaged in a plastic casing backed with cardboard. The bulb parts are of good quality that you would expect from a renowned manufacturer like Sylvania. They feature solid assemblies and use good quality plastics.


  • Produces a clear, bright light that allows the driver to see farther down the road without a problem
  • More affordable when compared to OEM headlight bulbs
  • Ultra-high performance means that these bulbs produce the brightest, whitest halogen light for better clarity
  • Simple and fast installation process
  • These headlight bulbs are manufactured by a trusted OEM light source supplier


  • The bulbs have a shorter lifespan when compared to regular, high-performance bulbs.
  • The lights dim over time

Consumer Review

Everyone seems to agree that the Silver Star Ultra bulbs are much brighter and whiter compared to the stock fitted light bulbs. The better pattern and whiter light help to make out road signs, obstacles, and everything else at night and in extreme weather conditions.

Most consumers offer varying opinions about the performance, brightness, and lifespan of these bulbs depending on the vehicle. From most consumer perspective we can judge that when it comes to this range of bulbs, wider viewing angles and extended line of lighting are the norms.

The short lifespan is one of the prevalent complaints that many people seem to have about this bulb. However, this problem is not unique to the Sylvania brand only because most halogen bulbs in the market have shorter lifespans. These bulbs come with a 1-year warranty and consumers get replacement parts whenever they raise any issue with Sylvania.

How to install the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra Headlight Bulbs

Installing the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra Headlight Bulbs is a simple process that will take five minutes or less. No technical knowledge is required. This means that you do not have to take your vehicle to the mechanic.

  • Open the hood and prop it up.
  • Determine the bulb that you wish to replace.
  • Detach the connector on the rear of the malfunctioning bulb and remove it.
  • Install your new bulb and rotate it into position.
  • You should then put on your headlights to determine whether it is functioning.
  • If it lights up, then your bulb is ready for use.


Sylvania’s main goal with the SilverStar headlight bulb is to guarantee driver comfort. The manufacturer has achieved this by ensuring that their bulbs produce whiter light that illuminates more side-road and has the brightest down-road performance. The almost white light enhances the contrast of objects that motorists encounter while driving. This makes it easier for them to differentiate items that are on the roadside. Sylvania runs a series of ads that focus on the safety benefits of having effective and brighter lighting.

When you compare the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra halogen bulbs with the standard halogen bulbs that you see on the road today, these bulbs offer a much whiter light. The light has a tiny blue hue providing more visibility.

When it comes to halogen lights, these bulbs can be given a rating of 8/10. The only reason that they do not get a 10/10 review is that they are not as bright as LED and HID lights. To guarantee optimal performance, you should replace these bulbs in pairs and avoid mixing bulbs of different brands.

hi I’m a proud owner of a 2008 Honda Element I’ve enjoyed the car a lot but one of the headlights has burned out after four years now so I’m gonna do a replacement today


and one of the headlights is still good so I thought it would be a good time to replace the bulb and do a comparison test for the stock light bulbs versus the new Sylvania Silver Star ultras now the ultras are popular they’re supposed to be a bit brighter and some people have said that they don’t last quite as long obviously I can’t really test that part out yet but hopefully I’ll at least get a year or two out of them these were $49 at our local O’Reilly Auto Parts Store so what we’re gonna do is take out the stock light bulb that’s burned out and replace it with one of these and I will do some video footage and pictures to show you guys what the difference looks like between these and the original hopefully give you a good review these are shown they say they can be up to 50 percent brighter obviously they probably aren’t going to be a full 50 percent brighter but you know with that kind of advertising that means that it can be up to so it might be ten percent brighter or twenty you never know so here’s my card a little bit dirty it’s winter time this is the headlight on the driver’s side that’s burnt out and I did clean off the lenses and stuff here so that it’ll be a good comparison so everything’s nice and clean so let me do the install real quick and then we’ll do a review okay before I do the install and the bulbs one last thing I wanted to show was some people like I said do complain that these don’t last very long one of the comparisons here on the back for this package it shows the lifespan and this is a standard bulb extra vision cool blue standard silver star in the Silver Star Ultra and you see a lot of the light comparison showing this one’s gonna be a lot brighter but the lifespan is a 1 compared to a 1 a 2 2 or a 4 so these aren’t going to last as long and that’s something that they’re telling you upfront from the manufacturer they’re gonna be brighter but they’re not gonna last as long so for those looking for a long life bulb these probably aren’t going to be it but let’s continue on we’ll see what our comparison looks like so it’s hard to show the brightness I think showing the beams on the garage is probably the best way for to show the difference in the beams brightness but I will show the width is quite different on these two looking over the left front this is the driver side front corner of the car you’ll see it’s lit up this is looking down in an angle it’s lit up pretty good over there and if we look over to the right side and that’s aimed right off the right angle you’ll see that it’s a lot darker over past on the right quarter panel there the front tire front right tire so you’ll see it’s quite dark over there and a lot more lit up over on this side definitely a wider beam I noticed driving during the test that it was a lot brighter and a lot whiter so wider and width in terms of the beam let’s go up and show him on the garage door and just see the difference in brightness okay so not the most scientific as we are in real life here but this is really real life results so on the right side you’ll see the passenger light on the right and on the left is the driver’s side which replaced with the Sylvania light the new ultra and you’ll see it’s whiter in terms of the light I don’t know how well the cameras going to pick it up but it is quite a bit brighter and it is whiter in terms of the actual colors so not 50% brighter is advertised on the packaging but they did say up to 50% so I’d say it’s probably a good 25% brighter than the original stock bulb you know I have read the Honda Element owners say than these things only last about a year in some cars and in particularly the Honda elements which we replaced it in today so overall definitely they do what they say they do they’re brighter they are a whiter kind of color they are a wider and with beams so you get more out to the side and definitely brighter than the stock so as long as you don’t mind replacing them on a shorter period of time definitely give you a little bit brighter night vision so hopefully this review gives you a little help on choosing your lights and if we
get a chance we’ll test out some other ones


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